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Mon Jul 01 2019

A white dog sleeps next to me;
it’s 9 PM and I should be sleeping.
Instead, the blue light of my
Android flip phone blinds me.

There’s unlimited knowledge in my grasp,
and the world could be mine.
Theorems and calculations and data unlimited,
but I haven’t stayed up so late for them.

A harmless question,
and a reasonable one as well.

How quickly our worries can fade into the sea;
how quickly today became yesterday.

Yet how familiar the reflection appears can strike me sometimes.
That these thoughts are not new,
that my plea for reassurance runs deep after all.

And the color dies and the music stops,
and I wasn’t dreaming at all;
just paralyzed in the dark again.

Fear, fear, it all goes back to fear.
But if you could see them die a thousand times,
what else would you do? could you do?

That I could live once but die forever,
that they could live once but die forever,
that the static inside will not stop buzzing.

There, the apocalypse. The end of it all.
It’s been here all along.
It will be forever.

To go back, to fix it all.
To declaw the wolf that killed the penguin.
To hear my prophecy before its time.
To have a head start on the apocalypse.

All these and more I’d gladly do,
but first I’d find that phone
and once again, in my hands,
hold infinite knowledge.

I’d log on and ask the question:
why do some things never change?
I’d log on and ask the question:
why won’t I change?