Wed Sep 11 2019

If I sit still for too long, I'll fall into the timestream and watch reality collapse in a violent purple storm. What have I always said about empires rising and falling like the waves of the ocean?

dark blue ocean waves crashing and falling with the moon up ahead, so dark I could not see your face but you were there all the same; figures hunting for crabs in the distance; don't get too close to the water

I'll stare at a corner and see all of the alternate timelines, each one worse than the one before. I've seen life and death alike in the cast of your eye. I can see a sandy yellow blur somewhere up ahead. Lately, though, these visions are pink and starry and reminiscent of a piano. A beautiful harmony, then a nightmarish crescendo with hands banging on all of the keys until that deafening silence

silence, couldn't hear anything at all, refresh the website again. do you see any headlines yet?

I'll catch myself falling and see that you're still here after all. 14,000,605 futures but they are not for me, I'd rather stay here and be in the present where I'm with you instead of in my head where I'm with the old man again


brennenbeckwith on Thu Oct 03 2019